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Different Strokes to Rule the World

In Idaho, the GOP primaries for Governor are a sight to behold. Four men vie for the Republican Ballot, including Harley Brown, harley brown

“Discrimination! Let me tell you about discrimination. In 1990- uh, belay that- in 1964, the blacks got the Civil Rights Act passed. We bikers! Discrimination? We are cop magnets, like a Playboy Bunny wearing’ a miniskirt gets hit on all the time! They pull us over without probable cause, and they bring up the sniffin’ dogs and they search us and our bikes, even when we’re not flyin’ our colors. If you’re a leather-clad Harley Davidson driver, you know, the cops are gonna zero in on you like a heat-seeking missile.

Okay. Discrimination. I used to drive taxis in Boise for 20 years. At night! And I’ve picked up my fair share of the gay community. And they have true love for one another. I’m tellin’ you, they love each other more than I love my motorcycle. And you know, they’re just as American as a Medal of Honor Winner. And, uh, liberty and justice for all! Equal protection under the law! I’m glad that judge made that decision, and I’m glad they wanna get married and live like that. I know I’m not really talkin’ like a Republican, but…

MODERATOR: Could we, uh, could we hear from Mr. Bayes?

BROWN: Sorry ma’am! I didn’t know what my time limit was! I didn’t see any of these lights goin’ on.

and Walt Bayes,walt

 “I stand on principles. I went to jail for homeschoolin’, and my kids turned out pretty good. I’ve got four sons that made rodeo cowboys, and one daughter.”

Apparently as with other GOP races throughout America,  Idaho’s Republican Nominees represent a broad cross-section of its diverse population.

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