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Cup of Tea?

universe in a tea cup

Suppose the universe fit inside a tea cup.

And suppose the universe was created inside that tea cup after a teabag was placed there. Then some hot water was poured into the cup, steeping the teabag so the hot water turns to tea.  Then after a while, the teabag is removed, two lumps of sugar are added, then some fresh milk, then a spoon is placed into the cup and stirred vigorously. The spoon is removed and the universe continues to spin and spin and spin, slowly finding equilibrium over eons…

During these rotations, planets form, species evolve, humans gain consciousness and look for evidence of how we came to be. Where then, in our search of the universe, will we find evidence of the spoon that spun us? Of the cow that brought forth the milk? Of the tree from which sprang the tea leaves? Where is the evidence inside our universe of the stove that heated the water? Where can we even find the faculties to grasp that such entities, with such abilities, exist?

Or suppose our universe was inside a snow globe and was shaken into existence then placed upon the desk to unfold… where in our universe abides the proof of hands of that magnitude?

Empiricism can only exist within the bands of our local, physical experience and cannot account for what may be beyond.

self stirring mug

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